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My advice is to save

       Marzo 1, 2016

Descripción :

My advice is to save up as much as you can and then just book your flihgt! Just go and test the waters yourself. Youve never been but you want to set up a business? Its not my business but maybe you should go there for a few months first? For an apartment, the further you go outside the main hub, it gets cheaper. A normal person who works in Playa wouldnt pay for the apartments that are for foreginers with money- theres just no way. Book yourself into a hostel then walk around and find an apartment that way- theres signs up for rent everywhere. If you have money there is heaps of business opportunities but you need to find a niche because its very competitive. Cancun is nothing like Playa, at all. To me, Cancun is grey and theres no culture. The beach is the only good thing about Cancun. If youve been to other cities in Mexico, Cancun is horrible! Playa is more exciting because it has a smaller town feel even though it just keeps growing and heaps of people from all over the world, great food and drink and party. Of course the amazing beach. But again, no mexican culture- a beautiful zocalo, spanish architecture, traditional events? Nada! I think you just need to go look for yourself because everyone has their oen opinions but only you can see for yourself if it suits you.

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